“Repulsed” from Repulsed (single). 2015

“Wild Turkey” from LP – Master Mix. 

“CUM” from LP – Master Mix.

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bioNotHorizontal-butCoolWith the state of tired, humdrum, woe is me indie rock plaguing the airwaves it’s hard to find any glimmer of hope on the horizon. Shining like a beacon is Scowl Brow. Starting as the brainchild of singer/ songwriter Robby Hale, Scowl Brow is a powerful and honest approach to a genre that has been lacking substance for quite some time.

With his prolific songwriting skills in tow Hale recruited veteran musician Joshua Taddeo to fill the slot as Drummer which cements the relentless thundering back beat of Scowl Brow. After several lineup changes with multiple bass players the boys in Scowl Brow chose another veteran musician in Justin Driscoll to give the three piece, finally, a sense of strong continuity.

With their line up firmly in place Scowl Brow’s ready to take on the world. Robby Hale’s poignant look into a life less or dinary and Taddeo and Driscoll’s hammering rhythms Scowl Brow maintains a strong punk ethos with a pop sensibility that is unparalleled with most bands out today. Scowl Brows music gives the sense that it’s dangerous and could fall apart at any minute but there’s a heart beating beneath all that angst that makes it warm and accommodating which makes it special.

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